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Supermarket POS Software & Hardware

Computer World offers supermarket POS software and hardware manufactured by Logivision – an industry leader that provides a full line of outstanding solutions for effective business management. Logivision has earned a reputation for innovative technology that optimizes functionality and efficiency – while also saving operators time and money.

The team at Computer World is dedicated to tailoring Logivision applications to simplify our customers’ operations and meet their individual needs. We offer Logivision POS software and hardware including:

L-BOSS Software – L-BOSS is our integrated store controller software that combines with L-POS to offer easy-to-use and efficient database management and analysis.

L-Tracker – The L-Tracker program extends the features of the electronic journal program and makes it easier to search for and locate transaction-level data.

Inventory Control – Our inventory module is a great tool for operators who want to maximize their inventory investments.

Price Batch – Our batch module is a great tool for store owners that have scheduled price changes or promotions.

Label Printing – L-BOSS labeling can help eliminate pricing errors because the same database populates both the labels and the POS system.

Portable Terminal – Our portable terminal allows you to be connected to your product file from every aisle in the store.

Accounts Receivable – Our accounts receivable module adds full control on customer charges, payments and credit limits at the POS terminal.

Preferred Shopper – Our preferred shopper module gives you the ability to add an integrated loyalty-building program to your POS application.

Cashier Balancing – This back-end pick-ups and loans system gives you the ability to make cashier financial transactions at an L-BOSS terminal.

General Ledger Interface – The L-BOSS general ledger interface creates a link between financial and sales data collected on your POS system and your accounting application.

Remote Communications – The L-BOSS system includes automated functions that push data to central headquarters for integration to the central database.

Price Checker – Our customer price check stations are an effective enhancement to shelf tags and increase customer confidence by allowing them to scan a product to validate the price.


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