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Security DVRs (Digital Video Recorders)

Computer World offers digital video recorders including both standalone DVRs and mobile DVRs. CWI is a premier provider of surveillance equipment that offers inexpensive yet effective security cameras and systems.

CWI security DVRs are highly proficient at recording real-time digital video to a hard disk drive, USB flash drive, memory card or other networked storage device. These DVRs are utilized in conjunction with CCTV cameras to monitor and record potential security breaches thus helping to prevent losses and improve safety and security. In addition, many of our DVRs have the capability for real-time text overlay on security cameras.

The capabilities and features of the DVRs we offer vary greatly from basic low-end models to higher-end models that include audio, external zoom drives and more. We invite you to contact us to learn more and discuss your specific needs considering a security DVR system.


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